GST - 0-10V Valve

Article number: BLC.1804.001

The GST - 0-10V Valve is a smart wireless 0-10V control module with 24VDC power supply for a 0-10V damper or valve actuator. With a GST - 0-10V Valve you can easily control per zone an individual damper actuator, 2-way or 6-way valve actuator. Two 0-10V signals are available, one output and one input. Output for the controlled valve position and the input for the actual valve position. A wide range of HVAC applications is supported like VAV end devices and control valves for heating and cooling coils.

Technical Summary

The GST - 0-10V Valve module clips into an included bracket which is secured with one screw of blind rivet. Wieland GST pluggable electrical installation. Faster, smarter and safer. Mains powered single phase 230VAC (+/-10% 50Hz).

Mymesh is a fully mesh wireless network protocol in which the applied Mymesh components communicate with each other and automatically organise themselves into a fully integrated wireless sensor- and control network, resulting in a robust and scalable smart control system that inherently is the foundation for a smart building network.

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