Newsletter | September 2020

October 2020

Newsletter [Sep. 2020]

A lot has happened in the past month. In this newsletter, we’ll go over some of the highlights one more time.

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Let’s go!

A brand new -and very intelligent, HQ!

We’re very proud that the global Mymesh community -and ecosystem, is growing fast. Every day, people from all around the world are working hard on new developments, implementations and installations. It also means that our team -and the need space, is growing (more about that later).

We’re delighted to announce that by the end of this year, Chess will move to a brand new -and of course very smart- office building; Mymesh HQ.

Utrecht City Hall

(Soon) In the media

The beautiful monumental city hall Utrecht dates from the Middle Ages. It was granted city law in 1122 and was rebuilt around 1826–1830 in neoclassical style design.

In its long life, the building has been completely renovated a number of times. This time, however, the renovation is completely different; Utrecht city hall has now become a smart building due to the installation of Mymesh.

For the Dutch press agency Techniek Totaal, Our CTO Siebren de Vries spoke about the project, the technology and the challenges of this national heritage. An absolute must-read. The interview will be published in the October edition of VV+ magazine.

A fast-growing movement!

Last month we started with our international Mymesh partner/dealer programme. In this short time, many old and new relations have registered to our community as official Mymesh affiliates (Partner/Dealer). The results? A global -and vibrant, community that shares knowledge, experiences and ideas to further develop their business.

Are you interested in working with Mymesh or do you want to know more about our international dealer/partner programme?

Click here, we’ll contact you to go over the details.

Smart Building Design Model

We got a lot of warm comments about our new Smart Building Design brochure. Here we explain what role technology plays in the whole building management process and how -in simple words- it works. Not enough time to read our brochure?

Read the summary on our brand new web page!


Webinar Smart Building 14th of October

We’re hosting a webinar on the 14th of October | 10:30h — 11:30h CEST

50 attendees max

Nowadays, everything seems to be called ‘Smart’. At home, we are surrounded by smart water kettles, smart thermostats, smart digital assistants and smart lighting. Going ‘smart’ is also a prominent trend in the professional environment. All around us, technology is being used to improve the performance of buildings, organisations and people.

A Smart Building offers a lot of opportunities, as long as considerable time is put into thinking about and evaluating the possibilities and potential obstacles and restrictions. As Smart Buildings will evolve over time, the choices made in the beginning will have far-reaching consequences.

In this webinar, Joost Toornend -our marketeer- will bring you up to speed concerning vision, basics and technology. We’re looking forward to a dynamic and interactive webinar!

Register for the webinar

New Face(s)

We’re delighted to announce that Roel and Mark have signed their contracts and are now officially part of our team!

Both talented engineers have surprised us with their unique wit, creativity and results during their internship assignments in the past year.

We simply couldn’t let them go.

Thank you for reading!

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