Newsletter | March 2022 | How to save on energy consumption?

March 2022

As you might have noticed, the energy market is undergoing significant changes. Gas and electricity prices are rising rapidly. Therefore we believe that it becomes more important to be(come) efficient with energy consumption.

We like to share some insights with you from Vanderlande Industries and the Musis car park on how they save on energy consumption through Smart Lighting solutions.

Learn more about two of our most recent product updates:
1. Mymesh Release R2.15
2. New Mymesh Modbus Energy.

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How to save on energy consumption?
Vanderlande Industries & Musis car park.

Vanderlande Industries is a global market leader for future-proof logistic process automation at airports.
Vanderlande Industries is continuously striving for energy savings as part of the ISO50.001 Energy Management certification.

During the past years, the new production hall and the existing halls have been equipped in various phases with LED lighting and the Mymesh automatic light control system based on motion detection and daylight harvesting.

Recent analysis about the energy consumption of the lighting system shows that the additional energy savings amount to 46% due to the automatic light control.

A wonderful result, especially with the current high energy prices!

Speaking about energy savings!

The Musis car park with 690 parking spaces in Arnhem saves significantly on energy consumption by optimising their lighting system with the Mymesh wireless light control system.

Musis is now able to set their lighting to 20% when there is no movement and 70% when movement is detected. Very handy, since the car park is open 24/7! This saves energy, but it also provides for a safe feeling of their visitors when they walk to their car during any time of the day.

Also a twilight switch is used for the parking roof, whereby the light only turns on when something is moving when it is dark outside. And for maximum energy savings the tunnel lighting can be switched off when it’s closed.

All of this can be managed from the porter’s lodge, whereby the lighting can be switched on completely to 100% for emergencies or maintenance work and set back to automatic control.

Product updates!

New: Mymesh Release R2.15

Worth waiting for and finally arrived! We are very excited about Remote Commissioning.

All configuration settings of a Mymesh installation are now shared between the Commissioning App and the Edge cloud server. We have called it “building data unification”, since the building file is now accessible by the Edge cloud server. Differences between desired and actual values can also be handled by the Edge cloud server.

Interested? On request, we can enable this remote commissioning function for our partners.

New: Mymesh ModBus Energy

Next to the already existing Mymesh ModBus device for light control we released the Mymesh ModBus Energy module.  The device does not control anything, but monitors the amount of power that is measured by the meter (monitoring of a logic energy meter) and provides signal logging for an Energy Management dashboard via the Mymesh network.

Find out more in the Mymesh Support Centre. 

The configuration settings are now available for several types of energy meters from Schneider Electric, Eastron and Hobut.


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