Mymesh v2.14

May 2021

Mymesh v2.14

Discover all the new features

With great pride, we present to you Mymesh version 2.14. It’s a big update with lots of new features and products to enrich the ecosystem.

MMS features

Mymesh Diagnostics was developed for official Mymesh Partners to remotely monitor client networks.

Via this dashboard, the Mymesh Partner can monitor:

  • Node activity
  • Firmware distribution
  • Network overview
  • Node-Type distribution

The dashboard is now made available to registered Mymesh Partners in order to support their clients remotely.

A long-awaited feature has now been added to Mymesh; Short hold-times for AC-powered devices. This gives you the freedom to increase the response rate of an environment on its occupants. The hold time can now be brought back to 10 seconds for AC-powered PIR sensors.

A casual run through the office

A Mymesh network is a life-form on its own. Collectively, all the network devices form an advanced decentralized organization that is able to perform critical functions under any circumstance, without the need for the internet.

With this update, local calendar control is added to Mymesh. This makes it possible to have reliable calendar control at exotic locations where stable internet isn’t always a given.

Ask our support staff for more information regarding this functionality.

For MMS users, we’ve updated Mymesh Emergency to start function- and duration tests, straight from the MMS dashboard. The reports are made available in one of your (third-party) applications.

Mymesh Emergency lets you automatically test all emergency lights within a premise. This saves time, energy and makes sure you remain compliant.

Abby Lighting (Official Mymesh Partner India) implemented a new platform to the Mymesh Management System; IoT83 makes Mymesh data come to life within a digital fest of charts, graphs, and metrics.

Now, next to IXWeb (Beveco) and Lumitel, every Mymesh owner is able to choose IoT83 as the application to carefully examine all events in his/her environment.

Ask your official Mymesh dealer for more information

We’ve started with E-mail notifications for MMS users. If irregularities occur, the network will automatically notify the network manager about the network status and tips & tricks to solve these irregularities.

For field engineers, a new and very powerful tool is now added to combine with IXWeb. In the building planner, you can classify your building from A-Z with the use of floorplans and actual photos.


With this 2.14, the ability to update the Bluetooth Gateway is now added. This means that this device now becomes adaptive too, adding new capabilities straight away. After the update, the Bluetooth gateway is able to exchange significantly more information, making it very powerful.

Daylight harvesting sensor calibration got updated to a more precise method. This manual procedure gives the installer full control over how -and when the calibration is executed, in any situation.

The new daylight calibration wizard

The app now presents a user-friendly wizard to easily guide the user through the delicate process. This new approach will significantly improve the user experience and minimize the rate of error.

The behaviour of the remote switch has been updated so that the central button always results in ON/OFF. Switch back to automatic is done via a PIR sensor. For existing installations, this feature can be obtained by simple recommissioning the remote switch.

The 4DI is now able to master override the network with a light level of your choice (eg 10%). This allows a third-party device to dim an entire network. This might come in handy when you want to connect your alarm system to your store’s lighting…


We’ve created various online e-courses to learn more about the Mymesh system and its applications.

With this release, we have the following courses available:

The courses are available on our MSc (Mymesh Support Centre). Contact your official Mymesh dealer for your login.


With this update, we’re proud to announce that we added a new product to the Mymesh ecosystem; The Micro BLC Microwave.

This powerful device has had a hardware upgrade to process high-capacity radar signals within complex (industrial) environments. Due to its characteristics, the Micro BLC Microwave is ideal for locations where events are measured from within a ceiling, luminaire or wall… Just think of all the cool stuff you can do when sensors are no longer visible.

The Microwave BLC comes with the following add-on radar sensor:

  • SAM4

Helvar just released their Freedom Sense, an add-on sensor for their Helvar Freedom Node. This sensor is a small luminaire-based sensor with a passive infrared movement detector.

The Freedom Sense is now supported by Mymesh.

The ACD-FD Trailing Edge Dimmer of Helvar is now added to the Mymesh ecosystem.

What Helvar says:
The ACD-FD dimmable AC driver is designed to be used with the trailing edge dimmable LED drivers and LED bulbs, as well as with other bulb types, creating now a wirelessly controllable solution for applications designed for e.g. phase-cut control rotary switches

The CP Elektronics High Bay Pir is added to the Mymesh ecosystem. According to CP Elektronics the EBDHS range is an increased performance PIR presence detector, specifically developed for high bay lighting control in areas with demanding spaces and increased mounting heights, so is ideal for warehouse lighting control.

The Modbus server controls lighting via the Mymesh network. Through the network, it is capable of controlling intensity, tunable white, and full colour.

The server has eight channels where any Modbus client can read from or write to. Through registers, the client can control setpoints (intensity/tunable white/RGBW) of the eight channels.

Network capabilities

With this update, Split Network functionality is now available. This feature can be used to manage an installation of which the network is physically split into two or more networks.

Think of a factory with multiple production halls. As a physical distance between the two halls makes it impossible to connect the two networks, these halls can now be managed as one via the use of the new split network functionality.

In the Mymesh Management System, these two separate networks form one installation and are managed as such.

When a connection is temporarily lost, the Mymesh gateway now runs an intricate checklist to find out why an error occurred. This information is then locally used to improve the performance of the network.

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