Mymesh REST-API now available

August 2019

Offices, hospitals, and even factories, they all make the transition to smart lighting or “Connected LED” as they call it at Chess. Their self-developed standard for the professional environment, Mymesh, is rapidly gaining ground. Chess currently has more than 98,000 active devices in the field and hundreds of networks worldwide. Chess is ready for the next big step; making the Mymesh REST-API now available to software developers and product manufacturers.

“We now connect more and more A-locations with Mymesh, worldwide. These are networks that generate valuable information for users in an industry where there is a high demand for new innovative (data) products,” says Han Bak, Commercial Director at Chess.

At Chess, we are working hard on the development of the network protocol, the infrastructure of the light control and the dashboard. This is to prevent the waste of energy at the largest locations. However, to further develop Mymesh even faster, the Mymesh REST-API is now available to developers of software and hardware products. This enables them to develop their own products and services for Mymesh customers around the world. As a result, will further expand the Mymesh network

Last month Chess launched its newest hardware product; The Micro BLC. The Micro BLC is a small but very powerful light controller with which it is possible to connect thousands of lamps and a very large range of sensors. It is a good example of the vision of chess: We connect any light, anywhere!

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