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Mymesh 3+ | LED Driver solution

Smart Lighting, Sensoring, Control Advanced Climate & Blind control


An automatic light control system for general lighting based on motion detection and daylight harvesting. An automatic demand-driven re-adjustment of climate systems (cooling/heating/ventilation) per control zone based on temperature control and occupancy (number of people in the control zone) for the VAV units/dampers and water-side 6-way control valves. An automatic blind control system for the motorised blinds based on glare detection to automatically prevent glare and keep out the heat of direct sunlight.

Room configuration

Solutions with Mymesh dimmable luminaires

Mymesh control app

Product information
With the Control App for smartphone or tablet, the user can control the room in which he is located without logging in.

GST - Blind | 2x

Product information
Wireless blind control module with two relais.

Cupower driver | 4x

Product information
The Cupower Mymesh LED Driver is a Mymesh wirelessly controllable and dimmable LED driver.

GST - TriSensor | 2x

Product information
Powerfull combination of sensors for light, climate and blind applications.

GST - Modbus | 2x

Product information
A smart wireless Modbus control module with 24VDC power supply for a Modbus damper or valve actuator.
Mymesh 3 3D visualization with Cupower fixture, two TriSenso, climate control system and shading system

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