60 acts of kindness

March 2019

Together with our partner 8point3 LED Ltd, Chess participated in the “60 acts for a better life” initiative of Ensto, a provider of smart electrical solutions in the UK.  In cooperation with 8point3 LED  we donated Mymesh to Bournemouth’s Multiple Sclerosis Centre. This does not only create a better serving and a more versatile space but also saves on future electricity bills.  

Multiple sclerosis, or MS-disease, is a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system, limiting mobility and performance. The Bournemouth MS Centre provides a social environment for sufferers to meet and receive treatment for the condition whilst taking part in organized activities.

The main hall’s inefficient and energy-hungry lights had to go early this December, as Ensto installed 15 new DL6X6 Dali LED Flat Panel fittings in the main hall. The work completed with a wireless lighting control system from Chess Wise via 8point3 LED Ltd and the all-new QiNKT Twin Cable connector system. 

The hall is a true multi-purpose space, used for eating, bingo, handicraft, movie-nights, and parties. Having a dimmable system will allow the lighting levels to be set to meet each and every event in a more appropriate manner. The clients of the MS Centre were awestruck by the speed of the installation and the change the new lights brought – it seems like a totally new place!

Source: Ensto

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