Newsletter | December 2021🎅

December 2021

Ho.. Ho.. Ho.. Christmas is coming to town and 2022 is just around the corner! Looking back on 2021 we are delighted to share some great milestones with you despite an eventful year.
Our partner ecosystem expanded significantly.
Our install-base has exploded.
Hours of new podcasts were recorded with leading innovators from the smart building industry.
Our latest smart building technique was rolled out at Tripolis-Park in Amsterdam, which is now the new home for great brands like Uber and De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek.
We would like to thank you for being part of our community and we look forward to continuing working together next year.

On behalf of the entire Chess team we wish you Happy Holidays and most importantly a healthy 2022!

Chess was featured in an article of trade magazine E&W Installatie Techniek! This article highlighted the security aspects of wireless building automation solutions and featured our Mymesh solution. Our CEO, Han Bak, and Siebren de Vries (CTO) explained the security aspects of our Mymesh solution.
Read the full article here

Project in the picture
Chess recently launched a number of innovative calculation sheets. These sheets help you gain insights into the costs of the Mymesh solution.

We present the following sheets that are available:
Mymesh calculation sheet Smart Lighting projects, based on gross floor area.
Mymesh calculation sheet Smart Building projects, based on gross floor area.
Energy savings calculation sheet for a control system. An example of a calculation is included.
Validated energy savings calculation sheets for three types of projects: parking places, production facilities and city halls/offices.
Interested in receiving a calculation sheet? Contact for more information.

Mymesh Release
Chess continuously innovates the Mymesh solution. In the overview below you will find some of our newest releases:

BLC release 2.14.12 has become available for MMS, Edge, the commission app and the Mymesh network software.
Our new smart wireless module, Mini BLC-4CS, has seen its usage as voltage free contact sensor to log alarms, door contacts, water detection sensors and overflow sensors to the Mymesh Management System. But now, the new smart wireless module can also be used as a programmable digital input switch and for contact status logging to a back office.
The new Mini BLC Modbus client can be used for remote reading of energy meters using signal logging. Up to eight Modbus registers can be read and logged in parallel.
For more details please check the Technical Notes in the Mymesh Support Centre Announcement section.

Do you want to work in a team that’s on the forefront of innovation and do you want to work together with capable innovators who dare to dream big?

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