Newsletter | February 2023 | From now on, Chess is… Mymesh

February 2023

2023 is full of new opportunities and challenges. A year in which we want to further enhance the performance of buildings, organizations and users in a sustainable way. By offering more than just a solution. We are all set for the year ahead, with a new name and website.

Mymesh logo

From now on, Chess is… Mymesh

From early 2023, all Chess activities will continue under the name of Mymesh. All with the support of Simac, a trusted partner in high-quality technology. Hence our slogan: ‘Mymesh powered by Simac’. For more details, click here to watch the video from Eric van Schagen, CEO of Simac.

From smart buildings to living buildings

Mymesh is a unique wireless network solution. Scalable, secure, robust, adaptive and cost-efficient. Mymesh stands for a new generation of smart buildings, where everyone can live and perform at their best. We refer to this new generation of buildings as 'living buildings'.

New name, new website

How cool would it be when a building shares your thoughts, even thinks ahead and speaks the same language as you. That is… a 'living building'. A building that senses exactly how much extra fresh air is needed. Or a well-lit car park where people can safely walk to their car during the night. And a lot more. Living buildings, made possible by the unique Mymesh network protocol. Discover it all on our new website

Sneak preview Mymesh roadmap

Faster, safer and more efficient installation with Wieland GST pluggable Mymesh devices. In 2023, we will launch a complete line of Mymesh GST products for fully wireless integration of lighting, climate and blinds, making installation as easy as pie. On the new website, you will find the complete Mymesh GST product line.

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