Mymesh in healthcare

In healthcare, there is a growing need for efficiency, control, security and savings on healthcare costs. Mymesh's unique wireless mesh network is the cure. With Mymesh’s 1,2,3 light, climate and blind control, healthcare buildings can become 'living‘ buildings. Apart from the benefits of Mymesh 1,2,3, typical healthcare applications of Mymesh include indoor navigation support, an app to call a nurse from the hospital bed and track-and-trace capability for medical supplies and equipment. Discover it all.


Greater convenience and efficiency

A unique combination of smart ceiling-mounted technology opens up a world of possibilities in healthcare buildings.

Indoor navigation

Easily find your way around to your outpatient appointment using beacon-based indoor positioning.

Track & Trace

Medical equipment, items as well as people may be difficult to locate in large hospital buildings. For asset tracking purposes, Mymesh tags can be attached to equipment and badges can be worn by employees. The system accurately locates the position of the tag or badge in relation to the surrounding ceiling fixtures with built-in Mymesh devices.

The Mymesh Control App

This Mymesh Control App is easy to download in the App Store or the Google Play Store. The clever app lets you, for instance, dim the light with your smartphone. The app can be expanded with additional features for typical healthcare applications, such as calling a nurse. In delivering these capabilities, Mymesh makes the hospital smarter.

The powerful combination of TriSensors and cloud applications

Easily keep an overview of the location of your care resources, equipment and people, with Track & Trace. The position of a tag or badge is transmitted via the network to the Asset tracking dashboard application, so no precious time is wasted searching for medical equipment or people.

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Solutions for healthcare

Mymesh is increasingly used as a solution to face challenges in large healthcare buildings. Beyond the 1,2,3 functionality, Mymesh offers more: from Track & Trace for location positioning and maintenance data to attractive features in the Room Control app. Mymesh is in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.
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Cloud applications

Mymesh in practice


Mymesh for Marlborough Court Care Home


Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust goes Smart

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