Chess launches Avalanche Upgrade

November 2019

Chess launches its highly anticipated Avalanche Upgrade. This makes it possible that the wireless network behind the known light control does not communicate via one, but 3 independent channels. This makes the network up to 3 times faster. According to the Haarlem tech company, it is a major step forward in creating smart and adaptive buildings.

“There is certainly a resemblance to the rapid and powerful snow movement,” says Robbert, App Engineer from the Haarlem tech company. “Writing data to the thousands of devices has become significantly faster due to the powerful data stream that now flows through the network with this update.”

The Mymesh network is the backbone of the Mymesh ecosystem; a wireless data infrastructure that has been specially developed to connect thousands of devices in professional and demanding environments. Many companies already use Mymesh to effortlessly control and analyze their lighting, but now there is also a trend that buildings must be adaptive.
“If you invest in high-quality lighting that is hanging for 15 to 20 years, you want it to be adaptive, that it will grow with the possibilities of tomorrow through updates,” said Han Bak, Chess general manager. “Our online dashboard gives customers access to new features and products that ensure that the investment grows.”

Lighting is everywhere and therefore forms the ideal basis for quickly making a whole building smart. It is possible to extract very complex data from a building. This is because Mymesh is attached to every lamp and supports a wide variety of sensors.

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